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Free Online Math Lessons

This site has over 150 math lessons.  I'll be adding new lessons and updating the existing ones as I receive questions and comments from readers, so be sure to review the old lessons frequently.  This is something good to do anyway so that you will fully understand the information, and will be ready to move on to harder topics. 

For the most part, the lessons begin at an early level, and increase in difficulty.  Some lessons are directly related to previous topics, and some are independent.  This may seem odd if you're studying the lessons in order, but this is sometimes how math works.

No matter what level you are in math, start at the very beginning.  Work your way carefully through all of the lessons, reviewing them each day.  This is how you will master the material, and be able to tackle math exams with confidence.

Go to Lessons 1 - 20

  • Intro to numbers;  Numbers written with words;  Place value to 100;  Basic +, -, x, ÷;  Skip counting;  Even and odd numbers;  Commutative property of addition;  Names of shapes of various sides;  Rounding numbers to nearest 10;  Word problems involving +, -, x, ÷;  Assorted word problems;  Greater Than and Less Than; Intro to fractions 

Go to Lessons 21 - 40

  • Place value to 100,000;  Names of 3D figures;  Reading simple bar graphs;  More complicated addition;  Patterns involving multiplication;  Intro to area and perimeter; Intro to median, range, mode;  Intro to rotation;  Intro to symmetry;  Solving basic combination problems;  Defining congruence;  Relationship between place values; Intro to the Cartesian coordinate system;  Reading a thermometer and ruler;  Intro to number line problems;  Estimating by rounding;  More about fractions;  Introduction to right angles;  Building a multiplication table;  Multiplying two digits by one digit

Go to Lessons 41 - 60

  • Multiplying three digits by two digits;  Commutative and zero properties of multiplication;  Working with tenths and hundredths;  Word problems involving more than one operation;  Division with remainders and with decimals;  Solving problems involving fractions;  Adding and multiplying even and odd numbers;  Introduction to variables;  More challenging word problems;  Distributive property;  Less/Greater than or equal to;  Intro to mean;  Order of operations (PEMDAS);  Inverse operations;  Intro to percents;  Parallelograms, trapezoids, rhombuses;  Intro to probability;  Parts of a circle; Place value to billions;  Intro to volume

Go to Lessons 61 - 80

  • Dividing larger numbers;  Intro to exponential notation;  LCM;  GCF;  Multiplying and dividing by powers of 10;  Prime factorization;  More about decimals and fractions;  Basic operations with fractions and decimals; Relationship between decimals and fractions;  More about angles;  Sum of angles in triangles and quadrilaterals;  Intro to solving equations with variables;  More about probability;  Review of mathematical properties;  Working with mixed numbers

Go to Lessons 81 - 100

  • Parallel and perpendicular lines;  Angles:  interior, exterior, and opposite;  Circumference of a circle;  Area of a circle;  Area of a triangle, parallelogram, and trapezoid;  How area relates to increasing dimensions;  Volume formulas;  Ratios, rates, proportions, unit conversion, metric prefixes;  Real numbers (integers, rational, irrational);  Converting between fractions, decimals, and percents;  Repeating and non-repeating decimals;  Problems involving discounts, increase, and decrease;  Scientific notation;  Square roots, Absolute value;  Intro to surface area;  The Pythagorean Theorem, Similar vs. congruent;  Intro to geometric transformations;  Intro to linear equations

A Message About What We've Covered In Lessons 1 - 100

Go to Lessons 101 - 120

  • Signed numbers (+, -, x, ÷);  More about exponents;  Working with binary operations;  Intro to algebra;  Algebra involving two operations and combining like terms;  Solving word problems with algebra;  Solving equations with a variable on both sides;  Consecutive integer problems;  Working with algebraic formulas;  Graphing and solving inequalities;  Working with monomials and polynomials;  Factoring polynomials

Go to Lessons 121 - 140

  • The TI-83 Plus graphing calculator;  Factoring polynomials;  More about square roots
    (radicals);  Supplementary, complementary, and vertical angles;  Alternate Interior, corresponding, and adjacent angles;  Sum of interior angles of polygons;  More about triangles and quadrilaterals;  Solving problems using ratios, rates and proportions; The coordinate plane;  Introduction to slope and y-intercept;  Graphing linear equations;  Graphing linear inequalities;  Graphing systems of linear equations; Graphing systems of linear inequalities;  Solving systems of linear equations algebraically;  More about probability;  Permutations and combinations

Go to Lessons 141 - 160

  • Quartiles and percentiles;  Working with frequency tables;  Histograms;  Mathematical logic using symbols and sentences;  Introduction to trigonometry;  Trigonometry word problems;  Introduction to locus problems;  Graphing quadratic equations (parabolas);  Solving linear-quadratic systems of equations;  Midpoint and distance formulas;  More about slope; Area of overlapping figures (shaded area);  Working with Venn diagrams;  General equation of a circle;  Relationship between sides of a triangle;  Special reference right triangles, Rationalizing the denominator;  Direct and inverse variation;  Introduction to functions

A Message About What We've Covered In Lessons 101 - 160

Remember that you can ask a math question if you have additional questions about a topic.  You can also contact me if you have any comments or suggestions for this site.